WebMeUp: Best Online SEO tools

seo WebMeUp: Best Online SEO tools For internet marketers, it’s no secret that finding a great SEO tool is one key to reach their success. For me, that tool is WebMeUp. Have you heard about it before? If you haven’t, you should try this tool now because it offers a lot of benefits like:

1. Keyword research

How much time you usually spend for finding potential keywords? Most internet marketers believe that manual works will give them the best keyword list to play at. O’ really? Five years ago when there was no such a reliable tool that could do this task automatically, doing it manually was our best option. But now you don’t have to do that. Using WebMeUp, you just need to put the keyword list and let the system do the hard work.

You’ll see the KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) number of each keyword. The number represents how profitable a keyword is. The bigger KEI means the keyword is profitable while the competitor is low. If you got it, congratulation! You can earn lot of money playing in that keyword.

2. Managing Backlink

How do you know that your backlink is alive? It’s no secret that to get higher position in SERP, you need to have relevant backlink. To get natural backlink from relevant sites might take you years, that’s why internet marketers tend to buy links from ‘blogger’. The problem is some blogger are ‘naughty’. They placed your link for a while then they remove it for some reason. What the @#$@? When they remove your link, your rank might decrease. I’m sure you don’t want that happen right?

The question is, do you want to check it one by one regularly? Do you think how much time do you need to do that?

Again, the answer is WebMeUp. Using WebMeUp, you can manage your backlinks on a user-friendly dashboard. There you can see the stats of each backlink you have regularly. Whether it is alive and whether it is dofollow or not. If you find a dead link or your link is attached with nofollow attribute, you can contact the webmaster directly. Ask them to fix it or to refund your money. Life never been easier after using WebMeUp, right?

Well, that’s just two out of many benefits from WebMeUp software. It’s better for you to stop reading and go sign up directly before they increase their price! (Note: If you are still unsure of how great this software is, try the trial version first, okay?!) Good luck my friends!

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  1. Kennedy

    I’d like to use WebMeup as my SEO tools after reading this post and it works very well. Thanks