Fisher AG7 Space Pen: A Special Pen to Write in Space

Fisher AG7 Space Pen Fisher AG7 Space Pen: A Special Pen to Write in SpaceFisher AG7 Space Pen is a special pen which is usually used by astronauts when they are in space. This special pen which is also known as Zero Gravity Pen is created by an American businessman, named Paul C. Fisher. He patented this pen in 1965 and marketed it through its company, called Fisher Space Pen Company.

Fisher AG7 Space Pen uses pressurized ink cartridges which can be used to write in zero gravity, over wet and greasy paper, underwater, or extreme temperature. This ballpoint is designed uniquely in two styles; long thin pen and bullet pen. The long thin pen is retractable pen like a common ballpoint while bullet pen is non-retractable and it has smaller size than common ballpoint when it is capped but it will look full size when its lid is opened and put on its rear.

Several of Fisher AG7 Space Pen models like Millennium models are claimed to write for a lifetime or 30.7 miles (about 48.15 kilometers). Its standard Space Pen refill can be used for any pens like Parker Pen ballpoints, Cross ballpoints, and other ballpoints.

This ballpoint is made from tungsten carbide which is an inorganic chemical compound and put inside appropriately to reduce risk of ink leak. It can be used to write at altitude up to 12.500 feet or 3.810 meters and at temperature from -300 to 2500 Fahrenheit or -350 to 1200 Celsius. Fisher AG7 Space Pen is predicted that it can be saved and used for 100 years. It’s so long period, right?

If you want to have this space pen which is available in silver, black, blue, green, or brown color, you need to spend your money for USD 35.99.

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  1. Melisa

    This is a powerful pen.